Diamond Locks supply a large variety of locks for lockers, cabinets, office furniture, vending machines, gaming machines, and various locking systems for a broad spectrum of industrial applications. 

Our factories are flexible and dynamic: 

we are often able to tailor our products to suit your particular requirements for key security, functionality and finish.  

Locks and keys can be branded with your company name or logo, and can be supplied in a range of colours. Sophisticated water transfer printing enables us to decorate locks with intricate multicolour patterns and original textured designs. 

Master key systems and keyed alike suites can be provided on specific key numbers, registered exclusively to you or your customer. 

We sell: 

 -Cam locks

- Combination cam locks

- Cabinet locks

- Switch locks

- Furniture locks

- T-handle locks

- Plunger locks 

- Ratchet locks

- Cable locks 

- Electronic locker locks 

Key options include: 

Dimple keys

Radial /Tubular keys

Scandinavian keys 

Reversible keys

High Security keys 

Laser-Cut keys/Internal Wave keys 

XB201 Combination Cam Lock with Key Override, Instructional Video: